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Faculty and Staff - Denise I. Skonberg

Associate Professor
School of Food and Agriculture
Food Science & Human Nutrition
5735 Hitchner Hall, Room 104
University of Maine
Orono, ME  04469-5735

Phone: (207) 581-1639
Fax: (207) 581-1636



1997 Ph.D. Fisheries, University of Washington

1992 M.S. Food Science, University of Washington

1986 B.S. Animal Science, University of California, Davis

Professional Experience | Courses Taught | Research Interests | Funded Projects | Publications | Professional Activities

Professional Experience 

Associate Professor of Food Science, University of Maine, 2003 – present

Assistant Professor of Food Science, University of Maine, 1997 –2003

Consultant, Aquastar Laboratories, 1990 – 1996

Fisheries Extension Agent, Department of Accelerated Rural Development, Thailand, 1986-1988

Courses Taught

FSN 425 Contemporary Issues in the Food Industry (Fall)

FSN 440 Utilization of Aquatic Food Resources (Spring, odd years)

FSN 450 Food Biotechnology (Spring, even years)

FSN 482 Food Chemistry (Fall, odd years)

FSN 483 Food Chemistry Laboratory (Fall, odd years)

FSN 520 Food Product Development (Fall, odd years)

Research Interest

Utilization of crustacean processing by-products

Seafood quality evaluation

Fish oil fortification of foods

Effects of aquaculture practices on food product quality

Funded Projects

Fish oil fortified nutrition bars

Commercialization of the invasive green crab

High pressure processing of farm raised abalone

Recent Publications

Hammond, MD, and Skonberg, DI. 2012. Antioxidant properties of chitosan in frozen Atlantic salmon fillets. Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, In Press.

Hughes, BH, Perkins, LB, Calder, BL, and Skonberg, DI. 2012. Fish oil fortification of soft goat cheese. Journal of Food Science, 77(2):  S128-S133.

Crowe, KM, Skonberg, DI, Bushway, A, and Baxter, SR.2012. Application of ozone sprays as a strategy to improve the microbial safety and quality of salmon fillets. Food Control, 25: 464-468.

Calder BL, Skonberg DI, Davis-Dentici K, Hughes BH, and Bolton JC. 2011. The effectiveness of ozone and acidulant treatments in extending the refrigerated shelf life of fresh-cut potatoes. Journal of Food Science, 76(8): S492亡498.

D’Souza, N and Skonberg, DI. 2011. Antioxidant properties of aqueous and methanolic soy extracts in minced trout muscle. Food Science and Technology, 44(4): 1212-1217.

Baxter, SR and Skonberg, DI. 2008. Gelation properties of previously cooked minced meat from Jonah crab (Cancer borealis) as affected by washing treatment and salt concentration. Food Chemistry, 109: 332-339.

Gatlin III, D.M., Barrows, FT., Brown, P., Dabrowski, K., Gaylord, TG, Hardy, RW, Herman, E, Hu, G, Krogdahl, A, Nelson, R, Overturf, K, Rust, M, Sealey, W, Skonberg, D, Souza, EJ, Stone, D, Wilson, R, Wurtele, E. 2007. Expanding the utilization of
sustainable plant products in aquafeeds: a review. Aquaculture Research, 38: 551-579.

Baxter, SR and Skonberg, DI. 2006. Thermal gelation of previously cooked minced meat from Jonah crab (Cancer borealis). Journal of Food Science, 71(8): C499-C503.

D’Souza, N, Skonberg, DI, Stone, DAJ, and Brown, PB. 2006. Effect of soybean meal based diets on the product quality of rainbow trout fillets. Journal of Food Science, 71(4): S337-S342.

D’Souza, N, Skonberg, DI, Camire, ME, Guthrie, KE, Malison, J, and Lima, L. 2005. Influence of dietary genistein levels on tissue genistein deposition and on the physical, chemical, and sensory quality of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 53(9): 3631-3636.

Obatolu, VA, Skonberg, DI, Camire, ME, and Dougherty, MP. 2005. Effect of moisture content and screw speed on the physical chemical properties of an extruded crab-based snack. Food Science and Technology International, 2(2): 121-127.

Professional Activities and/or Services

Professional Member, Institute of Food Technologists 

Aquatic Food Product Division

Education Division Executive Committee, Chair-elect 2007-2007.

Research and Development Award Jury Chair

Member, Northeast Section of Institute of Food Technologists

Associate Editor, Journal of Food Science Education

Member, World Aquaculture Society

Executive Committee Member, Atlantic Fisheries Technologists

Panel Member, Advanced Technologies for Forestry and Agriculture Board, Maine Technology Institute

Member, Phi Tau Sigma Honorary Society

Advisor, Food Science Club and Product Development Team

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